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RGB Color Changing 12v Car Led Rope Light Flex 220V AC For Windows And Roofs
2013/4/7 20:03:00
Product Description:

Features of LED Rope Light:


Voltage: 12VDC/ 24VDC or 110VAC/220VAC

Power: 2.5W/meter

Color: warm white, white, red, green, blue, yellow, RGBY, RGB color-changing

Size: Dia 11x22mm
Working Temperature: -20~+50°C
Flexible and Durable
Round two wires: 36 pieces of leds in 1 row
Flat two wires: 36 pieces of leds in 1 row
Flat three wires: 72 pieces of leds in 2 rows
Flat four wires: 108 pieces of leds in 3 rows
Flat five wires: 144 pieces of leds in 4 rows
No UV or IR
Superbright, low lumen attenuation
Easy installation, maintenance free
CE approval


Structure outline: roofs, windows, doors, storefronts, carports
Exterior lighting: walkways, decks, patios, boat docks, vehicles 
Interior lighting: cove lighting, shelving, kitchen counters, staircases, curio cabinets

Business: signs, safety zones, work benches, lobbies, tradeshow booths

  Tel:+86-755-32816587 Fax:+86-755-82213879 Add:11th Floor, PengYiFa Industry Park, the First Industry Road, BaiHua Community, GuangMing District, ShenZhen